About me & why this blog?

There are some who for whatever reason either by nature or experience are interested in multiple fields such as art, music, technology and media in general. While growing up I was interested in drawing and at that time it was the relatively early days of personal computing. I didn't have access to a computer, well other than a video games console that we had at one point but of course nothing like what is available now.

A couple of years ago when giving a talk at my children's school on how things were like when I was growing up I was asked "Did you have iPhone?" which was funny but a natural and most likely a common question. The things some may now take for granted such as access to the internet, for that matter the existence of the internet as it is today, smartphones, laptop computers, 3D video games, Social Media etc were not around while I was growing up. Of course that's nothing new but I guess for those of us who are perhaps more technically minded (or in simpler terms the one who friends & family call when a computer won't start) can often recall what became available when, such as the launch of the iPhone in 2007 and follow the development of technology with a different view.

For me perhaps the most fascinating aspects of technology are when things don't work or appear to be unnecessarily complex and confusing. And its such things I wanted to write about here. As well as attempting to document my experiences with various aspects of technology.

David Jones (an Irish guy living in Finland)
March, 2018